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Voici une incroyable interview d'un moine vivant depuis des années en Syrie qui a pu observer comment ce paisible pays en est arrivé à cette sanglante guerre suite à des actions extérieures.

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Voici un article du Daily Mail qui explique que c'est un faux rapport qui a incité les dirigeants mondiaux à conclure l'accord de Paris sur le climat

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Prince Charles being poked in the chest by Evelyn De RothschildVoici l'article dont voici un excellent résumé :

The govt. Of Senegal (GOS) owns a stake in a telecommunications conglomerate.
The majority is owned by a French Telecom company.
They (the president mostly) are secretley planning on selling those shares in a private deal facilitated by Rothschild Bank.
Rothschild gets a 1.5% fee.
The fear circles around rumors that the presidents son (Karim Wade) will be given the right to buy the shares (probably at a discount to market value) with cash that he has accumulated through illegal deals.
Sources indicate the his cash is approximately equal to the value of the shares.
Then he could sell the shares in the open market (stock exchange) effectively laundering his money to the point of plausible deniability.
The result would be Senegalese people would loose thier single most valuable asset which accounts for about 12% of thier revenue.
It would also destroy thier standing with the IMF and threaten thier ability to continue recieving loans and other foriegn support.
So if true the deal is completely corrupt and Rothschild is acting as the intermediary and taking a fee.
So the Rothschild banks stake amounts to about 15 million which isn't much, that's why I suspect that they also have deep relationships with Karim Wade and his partners/chronies who really stand to benefit.

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jackpot vs voting machinesVoici une comparaison entre les règles entourant l'utilisation de machines et à sous et celles concernant les machines à voter.

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New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieLe gouverneur du New Jersey, Chris Christie, a adressé à la convention républicaine ses griefs contre Hillay Clinton. Le New York Times a vérifié. Il dit vrai.

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